New Oil Painting - A Touch of Autumn

Positing a new still life oil painting, "A Touch of Autumn" a 24x18 oil on canvas, just in time to celebrate the beauty of autumn. The artistic wonders of nature mixing its vibrant palette of reds, oranges, greens, browns and yellows present us with beautiful and jaw dropping scenes all around during the autumn session. This transition between summer and winter brings the start of the holiday session, for many of us, to celebrate with family and friends. These colors are rich in vibrancy and the shadows are deep with mystery. I personally love the autumn colors and how they dance together in harmony.

I was at the grocery store one October looking over the bushels of pumpkins they had on display and came across this particular pumpkin with its textured shell, bumps and crevasses. I could see how the weather played a role in the growth this pumpkin. The shape and texture of the stem was very interesting and reminded me of seeing these types of pumpkins on porches during Halloween.

I wanted to try and capture this pumpkin’s texture and details in an oil painting. The squash and apples in and around the basket blanketed with the autumn colors of the leaves and flowers add to the painting and help to bring the pumpkin in focus. I hope you enjoy this painting.

Close up details

The following close up images gives you an idea of the pumpkin’s texture.

A Touch of Autumn Close Up

A Touch of Autumn Close Up

Original, prints and other products

The original painting is available through Saatchi Art Gallery and Fine Art Prints are available through Fine Art America. If you would prefer not to work with a Gallery you can contact me directly regarding any original painting.

This autumn painting was also used to design several products that would be great during this time of year. We like to decorate our house during Thanksgiving with the colors of autumn, pumpkins, pies, apples, etc. to bring that comfort and warmth feeling inside. These additional products, serving tray, napkins, towel, etc. can be found at my online Zazzle Store. Check it out.

I really enjoyed working on this painting. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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