"Creating artwork is a continuously evolving journey."

Creating art is a passion that Michael grew up with and continues to strive for excellence in his art. Michael is inspired by the great artists of the past and tries to live up to the quality they have established. We hope you enjoy the artwork.


Michael enjoys working in oils and bringing life to an empty canvas. The saturation of colors and brush strokes that can be created in oils is amazing. Michael also works in graphite and charcoal. Black and white charcoal drawings bring life to art when color may distract. Be sure to check out Michael's portfolio.


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Commissioned Artwork

Artwork created specifically for you.

Artwork makes a wonderful gift. Commissions of children, spouses, parents, friends or that special pet are fabulous gift ideas for any holiday or special occasion.

A portrait of that important individual depicting their dedication to a job, a graduation, an anniversary or a wedding can make a lifetime impression.

Fine art can be enjoyed for generations and over time can be a valuable investment.

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